Personal Trainer Zagreb

Personal Trainer: Marko Hrvatin
M: +385 98 566 079

My name is Marko Hrvatin and I work as a Personal Trainer in Zagreb. I offer my services in fluent English since I'm also a translator and an interpreter.

Training sessions are held at the location chosen by the clients (in their home, at the workplace, outdoors or in any fitness center in Zagreb).

My work is based on two key postulates:

- in order to improve and maintain good health and physical fitness, it is necessary to invest a certain amount of effort and time in developing the habits of regular exercise and proper diet that must become an integral part of people’s lives

- regular exercise and proper diet should not be seen as something one should force himself to, but they should rather become a pleasure

When working with the clients I'm focused on supporting the clients in overcoming initial physical and mental obstacles in the phase of developing exercise habits; achievement of initial results and maintenance of the motivation to the point where further regular exercise, proper diet and further improvement of the achieved results indeed become a pleasure.

For more information visit my web page

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