Zagreb offers a variety of restaurants from simple familly run places to fast food and pizza restaurants. to help you find exactly what you are looking for this article may be of help.

Gostionica A simple, possibly family-run, restaurant with a limited menu and wine list. Often very inexpensive, with good local cooking. At lunch time it is worth asking for the 'gotova jela' (similar to the dish of the day, already prepared).

Restoran/Restauracija A more sophisticated restaurant with an a la carte menu and a proper wine list. Prices vary considerably. Fish and so-called 'international' restaurants are the most expensive.

Pivnica Similar to a German or Austrian beer hall, offering simplehot food and a wide choice of beers. Mostly attracts a younger crowd.

Pizzeria Offers pizzas and pasta, sometimes to take away.

Kavana Cafe, usually with cakes. This is the place to go to socialize and linger over a cup of coffee.

Slastičarna Serves cakes, strudels, etc, and often icecream (sladoled) to eat in or take away. Sometimes they also serve coffee. Usually faster service and sometimes standing tables only.

Caffe/Bar, Bife, Bistro These are bars, sometimes with snacks but not always.

Samoposluživanje Self-service restaurant.

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