Please check this article and you will find lots of seafood, meet, game and local specialities from different areas of country and with Croatian translation and so you can easily order it in restaurant.

Seafood (plodovi mora) (morska riba - sea fish, školjke - shell - fish, rakovi - crab, lobster, prawns). The fish available on the coast is some of the best you'll find anywhere in Europe. Ask to see what they have available and you will be amazed by the variety brought to you for inpection. White fish (bijela riba) is more expensive than blue fish (plava riba); both are sold by weight. Some of the best white fish are sanpjer kovač (St Peter's fish), zubatac (dentex), škarpina (scorpion fish), brancin (seabass), orada (gilthead bream), list (sole). Blue fish include tuna, skuša (mackerel) and srdele (sardines). A large fish, ideal for several people to share, is best cooked na žaru (on the grill) with a little jug of olive oil amd garlic to pour over it.

Traditionally, fish is eatan with blitva (swiss chard cooked with popatoes and lots of olive oil - it really is a wonderful accompaniment and you don't need anything else). Škampi (like our king or tiger prawns), dagnje (mussels), rižoto (risotto), lignje (squid) grilled whole or fried in rings, salata od hobotnice (octopus 'salad' - no vegetables, just tossed in a dressing with raw onion maybe - usually eaten as a starter. Can be wonderful, can be rather fatty, depending on the octopus. If you like trout, look out for pastrva.

N.B. Prstaci, are protected shellfish, once considered a great delicacy. They will not be shown on menus, but you may be offered them as a 'speciality import'. It is unlikely that they are imported, so please don't accept. Harvesting them seriously damages the coastal rocks. (Prstac=date shell, datte de mer).

Meat: čevapčići (tiny spicy minced patties), pljeskavica (the original hamburger!), lungić (pork fillet), mješano meso (mixed grill of local grilled meats), janjetina (lamb, the best is supposed to be from the island of Pag, roasted whole on the spit or pod pekom), odojak (suckling pig, again best spit-roasted), kobasica (sausages) - eat these with home - baked beans - grah. Lamb and suckling pig on the pit are sold priced by weight, which includes bone. As a guide, order 250-300g per person, depending on how hungry you are!

To start the meal, share an expensive plate of pršut with paški sir( Dalmatian cured ham, similar to prosciutto, with slices of hard, salty sheep's cheese from the island of Pag). Or try one of the delicious local soups (juha).

Game (divljač) : srnetina (venison), veprovina/vepar (wild boar), zečetina/zec (hare), kunić (rabbit), divlja guska (wild goose), divlja patka (wild duck), fazan (pheasant).

Local: a local dish from Zagorje is štrukle, either boiled or baked. This is rather an acquired taste! Made of boiled 'pasta' with curd cheese and cream.

Desserts: Palačinke (freshly made pancakes with a variety of fillings), rožata (similar to creme caramel), apple or cherry strudel.

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