The constitution, adopted on 22 December 1990, established a parliamentary democrarcy in Croatia with a strong presidency. The Parliament, known as the Sabor (located in St Mark's Square in the Upper Town) is composed of two chambers: The House of Representatives(Zastupnički Dom) is elected on a proportional representation system from ten electoral districts and the House of Counties (Županijski Dom), which is made up of three represantatives from from each županija or county, plus five who are appointed by armed forces, is elected by popular vote for a five year term.


Ivo Josipović was elected President 2010.

Zoran Milanović was appointed as Prime Minister following 2011 elections.


In the current Parliament, the domestic seats break down as follows:

- 58 Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP)

- 44 Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)

- 14 Croatian People's Party (HNS)

- 7 Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSBB)

- 6 Croatian Labour

- 4 Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU)

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