Zagreb is the Croatian capital, the largest city in Croatia by population. Historically, Zagreb has grown from two villages in the neighboring hills, Gradec and the Capitol, which is the heart of Zagreb, its historical center. Zagreb today is the administrative, economic, cultural, artistic and scientific center of the Croatia.
City of Zagreb is a special unique territorial, administrative and self-governing unit that has the position of county.

Country: Hrvatska
County: Grad Zagreb 1
Total surface: 641 km2
Elevation: 122 m
Population (2011.) : total 790.017
Mayor: Milan Bandić
City day 31st may
Postal code: 10000 Zagreb
Area code: +385 01
Car registration: ZG
Oficial web:

Coordinates:: 45°48′N 15°58′E

The position: Zagreb is located in mainland central Croatia, on the southern slopes of Medvednica, on the banks of the Sava River. It is situated at an altitude of 122 meters (Zrinjevac). Its favorable geographic position in the southwestern corner of the Pannonian Plain, the Alpine, Dinaric, Adriatic and Pannonian regions, is the cause of the fact that Zagreb is located at a junction of roads from Central and Eastern Europe and the Adriatic Sea.

Climate: Zagreb has a temperate continental climate. Summers are hot and dry with average temperatures of 20 ° C, while winters are cold with average temperatures of 1 ° C

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