- accomodation details
- property prices
- tax obligations
- deposit
- legal requirements

Properties could be found through real estate agencies or relocation management companies and sometimes private landlords.

Main things to bear in mind: Tell your agent exactly what sort of property you hope to find, give a price range, give square meeters and number of rooms, advice if you need furnished or unfurnished. If you use relocation management company it might save you a lot of time and you dont need to worry about seeing same properties with different agents because there is no exclusivity for properties in zagreb (each landlord have 4-5 agents for same property).

Prices of properties are always quoted in eur and they depand on several factors: location, size, type, furnishing, availability of garden or garage. Prices in most cases don't include utilities so you need to pay that extra on the rent by received monthly utility bills. As indication prices for properties in north of Zagreb and the city center range from 450 EUR for a 50m2 till 3500 EUR for a 300m2 house, midium size properties eg. 150m2 apartment on good location you will pay from range of 1200-2400 EUR. It is important that agent knows about market situation and with good negotiation skills so please find list of good agents from relocation management companies or real estate agencies in our BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

Tax obligations for properties. Usually listed properties are incliuding tax but when renting it is important to confirm with agent and landlord that listed prices includes all taxes (Netto) so make sure which is being quoted and that the amount you agree to pay is gross final amount.

Deposit and agency fee. Deposit is paid to landlord (not to realestate agent) and it is normally in amount of one month rent. Assuming you have paid all the utility bills to date and there was no damages other than normal wear and tear, the landlord should return your deposit and this statement must be included in the contract. In adition to deposit you will need to pay agency fee in the amount of one month rent (same for real estate agencies and relocation management companies).

Legal requirements: Property that you are planing to rent must have proof of legal ownership and if there is more than one owner, all must sign contract. Also it is a must for contract to be notarizes at Public notary (javni bilježnik) if you want to be legaly registered at the address and avoid future complications.




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