Croatia has established diplomatic relations with more than 100 states, of which half their Embassies in Zagreb. Some countries also have Consulates in Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik.




Your country's Embassy or Consulate can perform a number of vital functions or you:

- Provide information on Croatia's foreign-residency requirements

- Renew an expired passport (N.B. Not all embassies can issue passports here in Croatia)

- Assist with replacing lost or stolen passports (report the loss to the Croatian police first)

- Report a birth in Croatia to your home country

- Provide guidelines for getting married in Croatia

- Help make arrangements in case of a death in Croatia

- Assist in voter registration and obtaining absentee ballots

- Register its citizens residing in Croatia (This is strongly recommended by Embassies)

- Provide a tourist visa if needed

- Specific information is given on Embassy websites

How to reach an Embassy in a emergency

If you have an emergency situation and need immediate help from your Embassy or Consulate after normal business hours, call the regular number, but stay on the line until you hear the emergency phone number.
The following is a list of the Embassies and Consulate of most of the countries represented in Zagreb. If your country is not listed, your Embassy is probably located in Vienna.

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